The mission of the Meagher County Sheriffs Office is to serve and protect the community through the philosophy of Community Policing.

Meagher County Now Under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions: The Following Acts are Prohibited;.

Vehicle Lockouts

The Meagher County Sheriff's Office DOES respond to vehicle lockouts, if it is an Emergency (a baby in the car is considered an emergency).


The nation is experiencing a prescription drug abuse epidemic among its youth and Montana and Yellowstone County are not immune.

Boil Order for White Sulphur Springs

The City of White Sulphur Springs drinking water may be contaminated due to damage to the sand filter.

Shinabarger Pleads No Contest to Assault, Criminal Mischief and Unlawful Restraint

On May 17, 2012, Jackie Ray (JR) Shinabarger pled No Contest to an Assault and Criminal Mischief which took place on or around November 14, 2011 and also an Assault and Unlawful Restraint which took p

Every 15 Minutes

On April 17th and 18th, 2012 the White Sulphur Springs High School will be conducting an Every 15 Minutes Event.

Billings Resident Charged with Partner/Family Member Assault

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, the Meagher County Sheriff's Office received a report of an assault that had occurred in Martinsdale.

Eaton Sentenced

On March 13th, 2012, Douglas Eaton of White Sulphur Springs was sentenced. Eaton had previously pled guilty to Aggravated Burglary.

Travis Shaffer Sentenced for 5th DUI

On January 27th, 2012, Travis Shaffer of Townsend was sentenced in the 14th District Court.

Shaffer had previously pled guilty to his 5th DUI, which is a felony.

Brandy Manger Pleads Guilty to Criminal Distribution of Dangerous Drugs

Brandy Manger of White Suluphur Springs, was charged with Criminal Distribution of Dangerous Drugs in the spring of 2011.



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